Jacob Mchangama is the founder and executive director of the Danish legal think tank Justitia.

He has written and commented extensively on free speech and human rights in outlets including the Washington Post, the New York Times, the New York Times Review of Books, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, NPR, the Index on Censorship, PBS’ “Newshour,” The Times, Al Jazeera, and Aftenposten.

Jacob has also published in academic and peer-reviewed journals, including Human Rights Quarterly, Policy Review, Amnesty International’s Strategic Studies, Review of Faith & International Affairs and Society. He has been a featured speaker at high profile conferences, including at WebSummit, the Oslo Freedom Forum, Chatham House, Atlantic Council, Forum 2000, OSCE, House of Commons, House of Representatives, and the European Parliament.

He is the author of the recent, critically acclaimed and award-winning book, MEN Ytringsfrihedens Historie i Danmark (BUT: The History of Freedom of Expression in Denmark), detailing the history and development of free speech in Denmark from the Reformation until today.

He is the author and presenter of the short documentary “Collision: Free speech and religion” (2013).

Jacob is a 2016 Marshall Memorial Fellow, and a member of the advisory board of UN Women in Scandinavia. He was awarded the Danish (center-right) Liberal Party’s 2013 Freedom Award, the 2015 Jyllands-Posten Free Speech Award, The 2017 Golden Grundtvig Award, and the 2017 Blixen Award for contributing to freedom of expression.

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Jacob is an experienced public speaker and has given talks and participated in debates at numerous high level conferences, conventions and meetings as well as on TV and Radio.

Book Jacob if you want a thought-provoking and original take on where free speech comes from, what it means and whether free speech should protect blasphemy, hate speech, fake news and internet trolls.

Other possible topics include the future of human rights and democracy in an illiberal world, and why too many human rights is wrong.


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